Project development

TW SOLAR focuses its main activity on the development of projects that generate electrical energy from renewable sources.


First Analysis

  • Assessment of the market, investment and fiscal environments and existing opportunities.
  • Location of the sites so that they are optimal and close to the interconnection capacity.
  • Standardized land site evaluation to establish risks, development costs, solar resources and energy production potential.
  • Elaboration of the calendar.

Development Program

  • Land lease agreements.
  • Development and construction schedules and cost budgets.


  • Preliminary Engineering Project
  • Preliminary environmental and social analysis
  • Topographical analysis
  • Solar field engineering
  • Evacuation infrastructure engineering (Substations and Power lines)


  • Permits, licenses and authorizations for the construction and commercial operation of the project, such as: Connection, Generation License, Municipal Permits.
  • Environmental and Social License
  • Relationships with local Government and Authorities

Financing and Construction

    • Support our Clients during construction and commissioning of the project
    • Financial modelling
    • Investor search
    • Project Management
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