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TW Solar is a Spanish company with an international presence in Europe, Latin America and the United States of America. With more than 15 years of experience in the renewable energy market, the company has created work teams in each market where is present that apply the best practices found in the most competitive environments.

Our goal is to continuously provide our clients with investment opportunities in solar energy projects in different stages of development.

We develop projects in the USA, Mexico, Colombia, Portugal, Italy and Spain

Your objective our commitment

Transparency, trust and commitment to our clients and partners. They are our basis to provide
the best level of service and optimize profitability.


Return on investment

The company has experience in entering emerging markets efficiently and profitably.


Quality of service

We evaluate the investment opportunities in terms of location, energy market, regulatory environment, tax framework; developing and advancing high value project locations in close proximity to the network inter-connection points. Determining both the procedure and schedule for the obtainment of permits, licenses and approvals, as well as the risks and costs involved.


Local service benefit

We offer a complete solution of development, engineering and services related to local construction in the markets we serve. We achieve this by selecting qualified personnel in the country and through a strategic local market partner network, working as one team and following to our quality standards.

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