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The team

Our team is expert at deploying market penetration strategies that enable investors to enter targeted markets efficiently, cost-effectively and competitively, enabling rapid scalability with minimal risk. Our team of energy development, regulatory, legal, finance, investment, engineering and construction management professionals are some of the best in the business, providing the foundation for the successful deployment of PV power plants in every market served.

Carlos A. González Mateo
Carlos A. González Mateo
Carlos Gonzalez Medrano
Carlos González Medrano

ignacio guerra
Ignacio Guerra
Business Developer
raquel lopez
Raquel López
Legal Dept. Manager
clara trillo
Clara Trillo
Technical Director
almudena valenzuela
Almudena Valenzuela
Group Comercial Director

david gasol
David Gasol
Country Manager
México, Panama
juan gonzalez
Juan González
Country Manager
C.I., BNG, India, Argentina
luis albarracin
Luis Albarracin
Business Developer
mert cakin
Mert Cakin
Country Manager
miguel gonzalez
Miguel González
Country Manager
Costa Rica
carolina forero
Carolina Forero