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Our best-in-class development and investment criteria, methodologies and processes reduce risk, increase transaction efficiency and optimize transaction costs for our investors. A continuous process of system analysis, attention to performance details, driving down costs, and matching the design to the characteristics of the site, produces the optimum solution for each project. .

TW Solar welcomes third parties to discuss collaboration, new project opportunities or investments. We have current relation with the many of the top market players vertically integrated.

For further information, pease contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Local Communities and Land Owners

dentro panel 250TW Solar carries out activities in the local communities it shares interests with. We are committed to cooperating with the local community when developing renewable energy projects and to comply with the national and local regulations in force.

If you are a land owner TW Solar can study the opportunities your land provides for the development of a slar project. We are constantly looking for new locations to develop renewable energy projects, and are interested in transforming unused land or land that produces little income into a source of long term income for the owners.


If you are developing a project at early licensing stage, TW Soalr can either take the project over or co-develop it with you until it is ready for construction. We try to reach agreements under which both parties contribute their complementary capabilities so as to work together in coordination and as efficiently as possible. We are very happy to learn about this opportunities, especially in those markets where TW Solar is not yet familiar with.

Manufacturers and EPC Companies

panel florIf you are a Tier 1 module or inverter manufacturer and want to secure the sale of your products, you can collaborate with us by participating in an early stage of the project with us.

If you are a constructor or an installation company and want to secure the EPC jobs in the project, we can agree some kind of JV collaboration to bring the projects together to COD and sell to final investor.

Final investor or IPP

If you are a final investor or an IPP and want to secure and plan your investment and generation with time in advance, we can agree to tailormade some projects, or we can carry the projects to a ready to build or to bid status (RTB) for you. We can also find a third party to carry the project to connection (COD) with us and deliver the aseet operating and generating cash-flow for you.


TW Solar is actively looking to find bilateral energy purchase agreements with local and national utilities, or private offtakers and sell the energy generated directly. We would very much appreciate