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Areas of Activity


Our core purpose is to provide an ongoing series of high value solar investments at various stages of development to our investors.

We do this on behalf our own Project Development Fund and in-country project development partners.

Assess the country, market, regulatory, business, investment and tax environments and opportunities.
Assess sovereign, utility and commercial off-taker credit quality and risks.
Secure, develop and advance high value project sites in close proximity to interconnection capacity.
Conduct a standardized site assessment to establish site quality, risks, costs of development, solar resources and energy production potential.
Determine the permitting and approvals process, risks, costs and timeline.
Establish standardized market-specific Special Purpose Entities, site control agreements and transaction structures.
Establish development and construction timelines, budgets and detailed cash disbursement schedules.
Develop investment grade pro-forma valuation and investment models with granular scenario analysis capabilities.
Prepare a standardized investment due diligence and transaction package.
Provide in-house legal, finance and technical expertise to manage transactions efficiently and cost effectively.

The process...

 We enter new markets before they fully emerge, ahead of the competition.

We currently deliver a full suite of in-country development, engineering and local construction-related services in the markets we serve. We do this through a combination  in-country staff and a well-established network of local market partners all working to our stringent quality and cost standards.